Design has to be the missing Link, between Customer’s Emotions, and their Demand, it’s just a pathway on the engagement Lane. After all, what else motivates you to Convert, or Act?

We know lot of facts in life logically, for example, we know why we are shown junk loads of Ads on the Internet all the time. On a Very Honest scale, we are quiet tired of them, simply because they have “Sales Pitch” written all over them, and we have to admit, its impulsive, and a huge turn off for a lot of us, let alone our client. Since these ads are not motivating us emotionally, we don’t feel like clicking them or a true sense engaging with them.

In Today’s Presentation at ADMA, Craig Buchanan, Creative Director at the Brand Agency, had his unique Creative way of Connecting with us. We were all engaged and Captivated by the sheer influence of his creative genius in all his art work, and i was thinking, if engaging with your Client’s is all about tapping in to the Universally adapted emotions, Craig has done it to an epic level with all of us.

Here are some of his brilliant works.

UWA Pursue impossible

Break the Barrier – St John’s Ambulance

Today’s Digital Canvas is a Complex interplay of search Rankings Vs. Traffic, Likes / Shares / Clicks, Key Words and Backlinks , a labyrinth of “best” practices in the SEO, and that has literally muted the “character” out of our Content.

What was essentially an emotional process of engaging with Customers , we have converted that in to a Rat Race of Number & Likes. It is not Unique, its outrageously irrelevant & most of all its not Touching visitors on a personal level, that might answer some of the questions we all get “I am sharing posts twice a week, people are liking it, they are just not buying anymore ?” or “Why people are not Signing up?” or “I am investing so much in SEO, where is it all going?”

Here is another one of my favourite Ads , i love the Simplicity of the Ad, and if its hard to get out of the Number game , Just look at its Views.

It reiterates the point, more personal you get to the emotions , Numbers will increase organically , and naturally.

Dove – fatherhood moments this Father’s Day

Top 3 Digital Marketing Engagements Tricks that can work for you

Here are some tips and Tricks we wanted to share with the Valeur visitors to increase engagement with the clients over the Internet:
  • Be Personally Active on Social Media Conversations, not only for sharing content, but responding and commenting to client’s statements & remarks, we have to deal with our customers on a personal level
  • Share Emotionally what motivates action, I know its cliché :), let me rephrase, Share what Emotionally touches you, may it be the emotion of Happiness, Joy, Sadness, Sorrow , Pain – Couple up your products with an emotion. If your ad or content touches you , it will touch your clients too.
  • Get out of Number & Ranking Games, that’s a game of thrones 🙂 Focus on people, their feelings, emotions, and as Marshall Maher – Head of Marketing -Twitter said, “ Buy for yourself , Try to be your own customer and feel the experience”.